Tuesday, 8 May 2012

LG Ally Smartphone Cell Phone Reviews

LG Ally Smartphone Cell Phone Reviews

Although considered a low smartphone, LG Ally some interesting features for notebook computers at low prices. The phone has a TFT capacitive 3.2-inch 262,000 color support and 800x400 resolution. Although not as good as Super AMOLED display, the screen seems clear and easy to see in direct sunlight. In addition, the screen is very responsive when scrolling through the touch screen and other assessments.

Unlike other OEMs add their own skin in the Android operating system, linking the cost of using Android, not a bad thing, because it has a little more expensive than the phone is loaded with user interface of behavior. Customers can get up to 5 screens you can customize their own widgets for social networks with the latest news, weather updates and shortcuts.

One of the characteristics of the partners, those who hate capacitive buttons is physically in front of the keys to provide access to bookmarks, home screen, your menu and call end / power.

People who hate typing on the keyboard, the virtual keyboard is a joy to ally QWERTY slide. Posted on the subject to experience the fun and good key and private enough to accommodate all but the largest hands.

Ally is also equipped with rear-facing 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, which is a good record in the last picture below. Image quality is acceptable but not spectacular, and the flash is a good job in low-light area of ​​the lamp.

Why buy a call, however, is price. For only $ 99.99 with a two-year contract with Verizon, the device is stable and Android that allows you to e-mail, surf the web access, and the network of their social and material and physical keyboard better than the higher end such as Motorola Droid.

It is easy to lose the league and every new smartphone Android, but if your budget allows $ 200 + phone, LG Ally give you all the benefits of exploiting without your wallet empty.


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